Friday, February 5, 2010

Tips for Any Real Estate Investor

To all our friends, I have come across some great information from Ron LeGrand and Jon and Stephanie Iannotti. I wanted to share this with all of you and wish you great success in 2010!

From Ron LeGrand:
I’ve made a resolution this year to pass on as much information and resources that I can to you. Jon and Stephanie Iannotti who are mentors sent me this valuable information and I’d like to kick off the New Year by sticking to my resolution and passing on these resources.

These are some great REO sites that you may find helpful!

AltiSource Homes - formerly Ocwen
JP Morgan Chase Bank REO (also includes Wells Fargo properties):
M&T Bank REO:
Wachovia REO:
SunTrust REO:
Compass Bank REO:
Fannie Mae REO:
Freddie Mac REO:
Regions Bank Properties
Citibank REO
SBA Properties
FDIC Real Estate Owned
BB&T REO (Branch Bank and Trust)
Beal Bank Commercial REO
GRP Financial Services Properties
People's Bank REO,,1355,00.html
National City Mortgage REO
Taylor Bean REO
Downey Savings & Loan
Beal Bank
Compass Bank
Fannie Mae
Fidelity National Financial
First National Bank of Alaska
First Preston
Freddie Mac
HSBC Commercial
Kennedy Funding
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Keystone Asset Management
Lexington State Bank
M&T Bank
Mortgage Lenders Network
New South Federal Savings Bank Bank
Private Financial Services (Bank of OK)
Regions Bank
REO Trans National Department of Agriculture Government Home Sales
Virginia Housing Development
Wells Fargo Commercial
Zions Bank

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can You Learn Real Estate Techniques With A Board Game

There are many board games out there that teach you something. There are some that enhance your math skills, help you spell, improve your strategizing ability, etc. Some give you a word to act out while others give you trivia questions to answer. Then there are those who teach players the concepts of the quick turn real estate business.

One such board game is Ron LeGrand®’s Quick Turn Real Estate Game TM. It is known for accelerating the building and refining of your quick turn real estate skills by practicing real-life deals without the risk and fears you may face in real life.

The board itself looks a lot like the Monoply® board and is played in almost the same way but the concepts are different.

The twist with Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate GameTM is that players discover the many real estate investing techniques Ron LeGrand has been teaching and refining for over 27 years such as why going to the bank to borrow money is the worst mistake ever.

Playing Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate Game, you’ll discover…
 How to take control of and profit from any house, regardless of underlying finances.
 How to protect yourself going in and out of real estate transaction, so you can avoid costly problems in real life.
 How to pre-screen houses to pick the best candidate.
 How to determine repair costs on major items and arrive at the total cost in minutes.
 Various exit strategies to maximize your income from each property.
 How to conduct marketing campaigns to where buyers are beating down your door.
 The most successful technique ever on how to get people in foreclosure to call you with the best deals you’ll ever do in real estate.
 And much, much more.

Ron LeGrand has live training events to teach these little-known quick turn real estate techniques, but traveling and taking off work prevents people from attending the event, so the Quick Turn board game solves this problem by bringing the event to your living room in a fun, learning environment.

Go to to start developing and/or practicing your quick turn real estate skills to gain the confidence and experience needed to jumpstart, or enhance your real estate business, and start putting more money in your pocket.

Lastly, the Quick Turn board game is a family-friendly game that can be played by everyone in your household. This game also has children-friendly components that help children who have counting skills to buy property, market and enjoy a fun time beating their parents.

Start the fun and learning now. Go to